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I’ve participated several times in the Abu Dhabi Flea market, and it’s been a great experience each time. The organisers are always friendly and helpful, making sure that each event always run smoothly. The markets’ vibrant atmosphere and well-chosen locations have made them the perfect place to sell or add treasures to your home. Highly recommend!

Nathalie Farah
Abu Dhabi

Miriam Gensch_edited.jpg

I’m a regular visitor and hardly miss one flea market. Whether you need a nice gift, toy or clothes you definitely can find something for an absolutely bargain and as good as new. The organizer are very friendly helpful and organized. Absolutely recommend it!

Miriam Gensch
Abu Dhabi

Martina _edited.jpg

I am a very frequent seller at the Abu Dhabi Fleamarket. I usually de-clutter my house every 2-3 months, with restricted space in my house and twin kids there is a lot of stuff we outgrow and just don't find space for anymore, so I sell them, it's fun and gets great pocket money in regularly. Highly recommend.

Martina Tarabout

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