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Sell your pre-loved items and turn them into cash

At Abu Dhabi Flea Market, we’re all about promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Our vendors are residents of the UAE community that sell and buy everything used pre-loved at unbeatable prices. This ranges from household items, kids and baby items, home appliances, small furniture, textiles, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, books, clothes, antiques, to handcrafts and much more.

Anybody can be a seller - whoever needs a clear-out of the unused stuff at home can make pure cash by selling them. And in the end, it's a great way to get to know your community peers, have a laughter / haggle together and eventually help the planet by recycling your pre-loved items instead of throwing them ways. As the first and biggest local second-hand market in Abu Dhabi, all of our vendors offer a variety of items and guarantee that customers go home happy with their purchase. Visit one of our markets and bring something home that your whole family will love!


Start de-cluttering and simply book online!

Once you have decided to de-clutter your home and give your pre-loved items a second life, booking your stall can easily done via this website. Find your event on our "home" tab and choose where you want to book a table. All details such as price, location, timings, dates will be stated there. You will need to book and pay for your table online, and receive an instant confirmation with a receipt number. Please bring this to the event. Once this is done, please make sure you read the Rules & Regulations for the event so you are fully informed before event day.


Important information before booking your stall

There are a few rules & regulations you need to be aware of so you know exactly if this event is for you and what you had in mind. Please read carefully, once done you're set to book your table!



Please be informed that only second-hand items from your private household are allowed for sale – ranging from clothes, deco items, small electronics, kids items, toys, equipment, books, strollers, car seats, etc. We do not allow any kinds of food or drinks to be sold, neither exclusively new items (retail businesses) or fake / replica items.


Table registration and setup starts exactly two hours before the event starts, please make sure you are in time. Table allocations are on ‘first come first serve’ basis. We advise to be there right at the start of setup time to get your desired table and to have enough time for setup. Even if there are sellers waiting, we will only start registration exactly two hours before event start, not earlier. If you arrive before sign in starts, please wait until we open registration.



You have a separate entrance for exhibitors which we will clarify in more detail in the confirmation email. Here you can stop your car and unload your items, then move your car to the final parking. Upon entering the venue, you will find a registration desk where you hand in your receipt and receive an exhibitor wrist band.



Please understand that tables are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. You must arrive during the setup timings to be able to have enough time to prepare your stall. If you are late, you will be denied your table and you will not receive a refund.



You have one rectangular table (67cm x 220cm) and two chairs set up for you. There is space on the left and the right to put one or two clothes racks. In case you do not have enough space for your items you can store things under the table and “refill”, or you buy a second table if available. Make sure to bring enough cash to provide change for bigger bank note. An additional advice is to bring plastic/paper bags that you can hand out for your sold items.



Please ensure you only have second hand items for sale from a private household. We do allow a few traders to sell relevant goods, but this needs to be approved by the flea market team in advance. PROHIBITED SALE ITEMS are fake items (replica), stock sellers from shops, Food & Beverages, clearly brand new items in bulk - in this case the seller will be asked to leave the event and will not receive any refund.

All items must be arranged in a neat and clean way, either in boxes or on hangers or arranged nicely. No piles of clothes on the floor, and it is not allowed to put things on the floor more than 1m around your table. Please make sure your items are as clean as possible and in working condition. If toys are battery operated, please make sure you replaced them to make them work.



The seller is solely responsible for his/her items at all times, neither the mall nor the organizer are being held reliable for theft, damage on goods or any other accidents which might occur. Make sure you have organized your belongings in a way that you can always have an eye on them, have a second person on the table to assist when you are busy. If you have too many items on the floor and scattered all around you, you will make it easy for any potential theft to happen. Please be organized and keep an eye on your items.

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