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All the Information at Your Disposal

At Abu Dhabi Flea Market, our goal is to make sure your selling & shopping experience is the best it can be, and we continuously go the extra mile to cater to your every need. As the leading second hand event in the capital, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of our customers’ previously asked questions. Check out some of the questions, and get in touch with us today!

When and where is the next flea market?

You will find the date & time as well as the location pin for the next event on our homepage or if following us on facebook at



How can I register for a table?

Please register online at and fill your details. There will be an online payment solution and you’ll receive a ticket with a unique QR code to bring with you on event day.

Can I register and pay for my table on the day?

Table bookings close at 11.50pm on the day before the event, all tables need to be registered and pre-paid online.

Do I need to bring my own table and chairs?

We are providing a table and two chairs including a table cloth for each registered seller. On hot days, we have a limited amount of gazebos available which we will install at our discretion.

How do I prepare to sell at the Flea Market?

We recommend to sort out your used items at home a couple of days in advance. Ensure everything is clean and in working condition and ideally sort them by category – clothes, accessories, toys, electronics etc. Bring some boxes, cartons and clothes rails with you to ensure a neat and attractive presentation of your items. If you want to go the extra-mile, put a price sticker on each item – this will save you a lot of negotiation and answering questions during the busy times of the event.

Last but not least, bring enough cash and change since most people will have larger notes expecting change from you.

What sells best?

Anything in great condition and well presented sells best. If you have branded clothes or pre-used electronics in demonstratable condition (batteries working, fully charged, etc), you can be sure you will sell these things first. There is always demand for kitchen items, electronics, books, clothes, kids & baby items if they are well presented.

How much should I sell my stuff for?

Be prepared that visitors expect bargains. Reflect for yourself what this item is still worth to you and do the maths – if you have things which are brand new (wrong size, gifted, never used) you may get up to ¾ of your purchasing price. Clothes usually range between 5 AED to 150 AED depending what it is, how well it has been worn and what brand it is. If you have designer clothes, you can of course aim higher.

Can it only be used items to sell?

Yes, this is a second-hand market, not a bazaar. We have a very watchful eye on what people are selling to avoid businesses selling out their stock and therefore diluting the second-hand concept. Absolutely forbidden are fake brands, large retail stocks and food & beverages. Our team will check the stand and may send you home if any of these items are on display.

Can I share a table with one or several friends?

In principle you can, however the table is usually just enough space to sell your own items. It can get very crowded, so it might be a better idea to book your own table right next to each other. If you still want to share, be ready to store the majority of your items under your table and only re-fill your racks & spaces once you have sold your initial things. We do not allow piles of clothes on the table or floor and a messy appearance on the stand.

What happens on the day itself?

As a seller, you will have to register and start setting up your table two hours before the event starts. Our team will be there to check your tickets and QR code and will give you a table number to stick on your tablecloth. Feel free to choose any table which is still available.

At event time we will allow visitors to enter and roam around the stalls. It is recommended to have your stand manned with two people in case one of you has to step away for a few minutes. We do not accept reliability for any stolen or damaged items, it is your responsibility to monitor your items at all times.

Visitors will roam around and look at your items. Be prepared to answer questions and demonstrate knowledge about your items (i.e. electronics) as well as some price negotiation. Always aim the price a bit higher than what you would accept as a last price.



Do I have to pay an entrance fee?

No, visitors can roam around free of charge and find the best bargains for all items sold. Please do not enter before the official opening time since exhibitors are busy setting up their tables and cannot guard their items during this time.

What items are on sale on the flea market day?

We cannot predict who is selling what on event day. Every flea market we have different sellers, and everyone brings the things they don’t need anymore at their homes.

Do you accept card payments?

Since our sellers are private households and no businesses, only cash will be accepted. Please make sure you bring enough change and a variety of bank notes, so the seller does not have to provide change for large bank notes.

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