Al Bandar Flea Market / 210Dhs

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Event Info:

  • 27 November, 2022
  • 09:00 - 15:00
  • Al Bandar Flea Market
  • Stand fee: 210AED incl. 5% VAT

Event Information

The highly successful Dubai Flea Market is now launching in Abu Dhabi! We have listened to your many requests and are very happy to confirm the Al Bandar Plaza as a fantastically located venue for the Abu Dhabi Flea Market.

Here, visitors can enter for free and find amazing bargains with pre-loved items other community members will be selling at low prices at this event. Or why not sort out your own household and book a seller’s table yourself?

Book your stall now & turn your USED belongings into cash! Sell and buy everything used and pre-loved, from household items, kids and baby items, home appliances, small furniture, textiles, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD’s clothes, antiques, handcrafts and so much more.


How to book a table

The rental fee for one second hand table is 200 AED + 5%VAT (210 AED net). Your table will be confirmed once the prepayment has been submitted, either by paying via the payment link or bank transfer. More details will be sent to you via email once you click on "Register" below.

Once we have received the payment, you will receive a confirmation email for your table within 24 hours. Please do carry the received confirmation with serial number with you on the day to get exhibitor-only access to the event.

Your booking includes a rectangular table and two chairs. Table allocation is first-come-first-serve, we will not reserve a specific table for you.


Arrival & Parking

Exhibitor Registration and table setup for stall holders is two hours before the event officially starts. You can unload your items in the drive up area of the upper security gate and will then have to move your car to any of the free underground parking below the plaza. An elevator will bring you directly up to the flea market event venue. Ideally, you will bring a second person to help you unpack and park the car so you do not have to leave your items unattended.


Registration & Table Setup

Right after the security check, please proceed to the registration table where you will receive your wrist band to enter the venue and set up your table. Each booking includes one table (150cm x 74cm x 74cm) and two chairs. You will have space on the left and right for one or two clothes racks.


What items are allowed to sell and what sells best?

Please be informed that only second-hand items from your private household are allowed for sale – ranging from clothes, deco items, small electronics, kids items, toys, equipment, books, strollers, car seats, etc. We do not allow any kinds of food or drinks to be sold, neither exclusively new items (retail businesses) nor fake items.

Please ensure that all your items are in excellent condition, clean and washed and in good working condition (electronics).  

We do not advise to share a table since tables quickly look overcrowded. Nice, organized tables sell best. No loose items on the floor or your table - organize them in boxes, maybe grouped by type (books, age group for kids, etc), and stock additional items under your table or in your car until you can refill. You will have space around your table to place a cloth rack on the left and another one on the right (strictly 2 only!) and a few boxes in front but maximum taking 50cm of space around your table. If you feel this is not enough, kindly book a second table or come and sell at the next event again.


Location Information

Al Bandar Plaza is a central location for off-island residents with very easy access to the Plaza.

Visitors can reach via public transport (bus station), taxis or use the visitor underground parking with direct elevator access to the Plaza.

Exhibitors can unload their items for setup at the Plaza itself, there is a car barrier at the Security Booth which will open up for you when you identify yourself as an exhibitor with your confirmation serial number. Please have at least one other person with them to help unloading and re-park the car to the underground parking when finished.

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